Marty Klomp first started working in the Horticultural Field by working a summer job in 1977, at Van Beek’s Nursery near Ingersol. Over the next few summers, he gained a love of the industry and began planting trees on the family farm with the help of his family. During this time, he enrolled in horticulture to learn more about his new passion. His father, Peter, strongly encouraged him to begin business early, so in the Spring of 1982, Klomp’s Nursrey and Landscaping was born. Marty continued his studies and in 1983 graduated from the University of Guelph. After this, he started with the business full time.

In 1986, He married Barbara Smulders, and together they purchased the current property in 1987 for a better location where they could expand their business. In the Fall, the first structures were built including a small retail store (with an office and apartment) later followed by the current Shade House structure and a small greenhouse. The focus of the business was a nursery of plants, a small retail store, and a thriving landscape business.

In 1989, The landscaping portion of the business was sold to his brother Tony, who was already working within the business. The business now began to focus on retail and growing of plants. In 1990, the original portion of the Klomp home was built as their family expanded to Chris (1991), Jenna (1993), and finally Amy (1996). During this time, the business was officially incorporated as ‘Klomp’s Plantscape Ltd.’ in 1991. Many hoophouse structures, a small workshop, office, and staff room were also completed.

In 1997, construction of the Tropical House was completed along with a new pond, potting shed, and a property wide irrigation system. This started the production of annuals and perennials at the business.By the turn of the century, “The Millenium Project” began as an addition to the Klomp Family home. At the same time, garden beds, trees, and a show pond had been completed to inspire horticulture to the public.

The Sun House construction was completed in 2001 and included new innovations such as a floro heat system and an automated watering system to meet the growing demand for annuals and perennials.

The next major expansion came in 2006 with the addition of a 10,000 sq. ft. Retail Show Room, offices, and warehouse storage. With this new space, an annual Christmas Season was added, and an assortment of hardgood product lines was introduced. This expansion also allowed customers a much improved indoor shopping experience to compliment all the plant areas and a more year-round service.

In 2013, the Production Greenhouse was constructed so that business could once more expand its production of annuals and perennials. At this time, less effort was put toward the growing of trees and shrubs to focus efforts on retail and a stronger customer service.

In 2015, the company decided to operate under the name ‘Klomp’s Home and Garden’ to better reflect its products and services. A new digital sign, paved parking lot, and new entrances were completed in 2016 to portray a modern business alongside the freshly completed roundabout. ‘Good Nature is our Business’ was the original slogan crafted in 1982, however this was changed to ‘Experience Good Nature’ to better reflect our passion going forward.