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6" Calathea Network

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Common Name: Calathea Network/Musaica/Mosaic
Latin Name: Goeppertia kegeljanii
Family: Marantaceae

Light: Filtered Sun, Bright Light

Special Features: Variegated foliage, Tolerates low light, Pet friendly, Air purification top 10 list

Calathea Network attracts plant collectors because of its unique foliage and its’ characteristic mosaic pattern like a complex network on its foliage.

Calatheas are part of a family of plants known as Marantaceae. They grow under the shade of tall tree canopies in tropical rainforests, which defuse the intense direct sunlight to plants. Direct sunlight can burn the leaves or at least fade the lush green color of the foliage. Although they flower in their native environment, they are most noted for their wide, colorful leaves. The wide leaves make them a good choice for areas with low light. Calatheas benefit from extra humidity and require moist soil. See our Blog on the website on Tropical Plant Care for more plant care instructions.

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