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Our Story

The Klomp’s centre is filled with fresh spring flowers and plants!
Klomp’s red and green logo represents 40 years of service providing home and garden solutions for customers.

Serving You Since 1982

Proud to say we have been serving you for 40 years this year!

We have been here serving you since 1982, when our owner Marty Klomps took the leap and started what was then called Klomps Nursery and Landscaping, Through the years both their family grew and so did the business.

In 1986 the business was moved to its current location where the focus of the business was a nursery of plants, a small retail store, and a thriving landscape business. A few years later the Landscape portion was sold to his Brother Tony, and became Klomps Landscaping; which still exists today,

Over the years there have been additions such as the Tropical house and the Sunhouse, which hold the vast majority of our Annuals in the Spring.

In 2006 the addition of a 10,000 sq. ft. Retail ShowRoom, 2nd floor with a mezzanine , new offices, new Staff Room, and new basement and warehouse storage was added. With this new space, an annual Christmas Season was added, and an assortment of hardgood product lines was introduced. This expansion also allowed customers a much improved indoor shopping experience to compliment all the plant areas and a more year-round service.

In 2013, the Production Greenhouse was constructed so that business could once more expand its production of annuals and perennials. At this time, less effort was put toward the growing of trees and shrubs to focus efforts on retail and a stronger customer service.

Klomp’s greenhouse is full of unique flowers and plant species, and hanging plants from the ceiling.
People strolling around Klomp’s Home and Garden showroom as they browse products.

In 2015, the company decided to operate under the name ‘Klomp’s Home and Garden’ to better reflect its products and services. A new digital sign, paved parking lot, and new entrances were completed in 2016 to portray a modern business alongside the freshly completed roundabout. ‘Good Nature is our Business’ was the original slogan crafted in 1982, however this was changed to ‘Experience Good Nature’ to better reflect our passion going forward. In the spring of 2019, a major concrete sidewalk improvement was completed in order to make the Garden Center more customer friendly. This was the first year our yard Design changed from rows of plants to a more Garden like feel with mixed plants and displays!

Values and Processes

Here at Klomp's, we value having a great selection, attentive plant care and exceptional service, so your home and garden look and feel good! As a long-serving family business, we understand that our clients and team are at the heart of our centre. We commit to serving you best by listening and working with you to find the right product or service!

Klomp’s employees working together to unload trees from a truck.

“We have been inspiring plant lovers, home enthusiasts and everyone in between to have a passion for their own personalized pursuits”

A young girl smiling as she prepares to plant her Hyacinths and tulips from Klomp’s at home.

Our Community

We have had the privilege of working at local schools such as Downie Center helping them with Fundraisers as well as teaching the future minds about Trees and what benefits they give our planet. If you have a school that would love to also participate in this program please feel free to reach out.

Perth County Involvement

Planting the seeds of tomorrow and educating people about topics like sustainability are core to the future of Perth County.

As in such things as Tree Planting at Local Schools, or educating young minds about the processes of growing our own foods and how important it is.

To get more information about how to get involved in such programs please email [email protected]

Klomp’s employee planting a tree at a school to support the community and educate students on sustainability.

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